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West Bloomfield Town Assessor

Assessor - Patricia Brede   624-9350

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Current Assessment Roll

Ontario County Real Property Tax

NYS Department of Taxation/Assessments

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Agricultural exemption RENEWAL


Veteran exemption

STAR Renewal-Low Income Senior (age 65)
This exemption is based on a sliding scale of all owners income. Income from all sources including social security, private or govt. pensions, annuities, net income from farming, rentals,or business, interest, wages, unemployment, disability or worker's compensation, alimony or support and gains from sales. Please see the link below-for Ontario County residents, to see if your total income falls within the allowed limits for the Town, County, or School district. Other requiremtns may apply.



Income Exemption:


Senior Citizens exemption (see link below for Ontario County Senior exemption income levels)


Ontario County Senior exemption income levels chart